Creating a peace bubble around you

It is not easy to create a peace bubble that will surround you wherever you go. Yet it can be done, and to achieve this you have to be super cool.

The first rule to build a formidable and workable peace bubble that will make your life easier on a daily basis is to be ready to accept your fate.

Since fate is linked with destiny, you should then make your daily happenings a part of your destiny.

That means you have to accept your destiny as it is – whether you can change it or not – by recognising and accepting the facts of your life.

First, you must start by asking yourself this silly question: Who am I?

Then you must ask yourself what do you want in this life?

The third question you must ask is why I am the way I am, and that has to do with how you perceive other people, but not without reminding yourself of who you are, and what are you up to in this life.

It is important to get to the bottom of this question: Who am I? It is about defining yourself. If you cannot do that, you will not be able to seek peace of mind, peace in the heart and in the soul.

That peace bubble I am talking about, is exactly about the three peaceful levels you have to achieve in this life.

It is to be done by absorbing your surrounding with the joy of living, tolerance and by accepting the fact that we are as tiny as the ants around us, or just a little more than a drop of water in a cup…that means, we are only significant to some people.

If we accept that. We can then claim that we are humble.

L'art du bonheur
L’art du bonheur



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