The Sammy Velloo charade


Those from Malaysia know who this is. For those not familiar with Malaysia, he was a minister in various cabinets and under the leadership of three Malaysian prime ministers.

His trademark was always the funny remarks that he would make sometimes, remarks that got him into big trouble with the opposition when they decided to bring him down in the 2008 General Elections.

At that time he was of works, in the cabinet of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.  I never interviewed him. But I covered some of his press conferences, including one where he lambasted parents for being too relaxed with their children, in the sense that they were not strict anymore on kids.

Yet he is known for some funny comments he made during his time in the limelight.

The opposition did a video on him, which they called: Velloo bridge falling down, if I am not mistaken.

The song followed the London bridge falling down tone. It was after a highway over pass had fallen on the ring road 2, or MRR2 as it is known here in Malaysia.

This song had ripple effects on Sammy Velloo and he lost his seat at Sungai Siput, a seat he had occupied for decades as the leader of the Malaysian Indian Congress party.

This picture was taken during the Bangladesh prime minister’s visit to Malaysia in 2015.


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