A peaceful way to achieve the ease of living

img_4224One thing I appreciate a lot is the peaceful environment around me, but to achieve such ‘ease of living’ is only possible if you are patient,  you persevere and you apply a lot of tolerance in your life.

It did not necessarily take years for me to achieve that, but the cost was extraordinarily burdening, sometimes cumbersome on my person in the long run.

But the results, from this attitude, were incredibly positive to the point that I am living at peace with myself and with others. That, consider the early stages of my teen days, when I was a ball of fire that could smash anyone down.

One way to achieve this status – that is to live peacefully with your surroundings and the people around you – is to lower your natural defensive walls.

It is a personality trait that every single human being have, coded in their system, and it is something you cannot do without unless you have a high level of control of your own emotions.

Lowering your defensive wall. What the hell does that mean? To me, it is when you turn off your defence mechanism, which is triggered when you meet new people, and you meet people whom you know are aggressive thanks to their natural dispositions and reactions.

But by doing that, you risk a lot.

One of the biggest risk is the very fact that others will take advantage of you, without you realising it, at times not soon enough. And that can be very damaging.

And it was to me, over the years, thanks to my philosophy of forgiving everyone who approaches me or whom I approach even before I engage into anything with them.

That may sound selfish, since I am saying I forgive every single being who interacted with me on this earth. But then, think of it the other way round: Do you forgive anyone before you meet them?

They did not do anything wrong to you, and forgiving them before you deal with them does it not mean you know they will be doing some nasty things to you?

Well do not get yourself worked out too much on the unknown, focus on the realistic. That is because I am a realist, not in many ways, not a dreamer living in a sort of La-La-Land.

The point is, do not think of others as enemies when you are meeting or interacting with them, unless it is clear the person is ‘your’ declared enemy.

No one would declare to be your enemy, if you are not a well known person, would they?

Thus, when I step out to engage with humans, I take a step forward in accepting them for who they are and who I do not know they are, and this is what I mean when I say I forgive them well beforehand.

That way, if they take advantage of the peace that I am trying to build around them when they are interacting with me, I do not have to feel distressed and cheated.

I can say that getting cheated or bullied (bullying can be in many forms – so do not ever think that anyone could push me around because I push back too hard for anyone to survive it without scars or fears in their heart) is a realistic state of affairs in the current living conditions on this earth.

The chances of getting ripped-off or of being tested by some, is real, and it happens on a regular basis. But letting down your ‘defence guard’ does not make you an easy target.

Because you can pull out of any deal, friendship, relationship or job scope and even employment if you feel you are being taken advantage of, and you know the end game will be you end up losing.

It is with this attitude in life, that I manage to build this palace of peace, wherever I go, wherever I am.

I know this is not sufficient an explanation on how to achieve this peaceful feeling in your life, on a daily basis.

To make it easier to understand, I will publish more stories like these on this blog, soon.



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